Happy clients / Case studies

“I need help tackling the dead space which was once our dining room”

“Nancy has given us the vision to finally tackle our living room and the dead space which was once our dining room. She listened to our needs and took into consideration our tastes. I loved the fact that she didn’t bombard us with lots of ideas but was single minded in her recommendations. The mood board and room layout were excellent. Would definitely recommend”

We need help sorting out the contents of our school cellar

“Many thanks to all those who turned out to sift and sort through all FSA stock and clear out the school cellar. Shout-outs must go to de-cluttering expert and Year 6 parent Nancy who created an inventory and helped us work out what could be kept, recycled, rehomed or binned. Job done – Marie Kondo would be proud! ”

“We need help planning the space of our new premises”

Stripey Stork, a charity supporting local families with essential children’s items, firstly required help decluttering their existing premises in preparation for the move to a larger site. They also needed help and advice in planning their new space. After visiting the new empty site and establishing their exact requirements and processes, Serene Spaces created a detailed floor plan and process flow. Once this was agreed and contracts exchanged for the new site, Serene Spaces physically drew out the plan (with chalk on the cement floor) so that the actual space could be visually seen and any tweaks made before the day of the big move. By having a detailed floor plan, the day of the move went extremely smoothly. Stripey Stork are delighted with the utilisation of their new space.

“A massive thank you to Nancy from Serene Spaces – for doing a fantastic job in ensuring we have made the most of our new space by undertaking the job of space planning. This means that going forward we will be able to work as efficiently and as easily as humanly possible”

“My family living space is a nightmare”

“Our downstairs area was quite disjointed and the living room in particular, was very dark and cluttered with pieces of furniture too large for the room. I was very reluctant to sell the dresser we had in there as it was a beautiful piece of furniture, just too big and dark for the room. The lounge suite was also very bulky taking up a lot of space. With Nancy’s ability to see the bigger picture, her guidance and reassurance, I sold the dresser replacing it with something lighter, smaller, more modern and at an affordable price. Nancy very cleverly made simple changes with the repositioning of the lounge suite making the area cosy and welcoming. These changes made the whole room more spacious, lighter and clutter free. We had the big old fashioned hearth removed down to floor level and replaced it with a log burner. Again, this made the room so much bigger and the log burner became the main feature. She suggested a splash of lighter colour paint and some modern curtains. We moved the kitchen table that was too big for the kitchen into the back section of the living room creating a separate dining area, which has made family meal times a pleasure. This is now our favourite room to be in and we spend many happy hours in there as a family with different areas for us all to use and enjoy.”

“Nancy did a wonderful job of transforming our house into a happy home with simple, clever and practical ideas and all within our budget. She has an eye for detail and taste whilst always being mindful of what the customer wants. Nancy is very professional and approachable. She made an overwhelming chore become a fun project. I would never hesitate to recommend her.”

“I need help staging my 4-bedroom home to sell.”

Anna wanted help preparing her 4-bedroom home so she could sell it and find somewhere more suitable for her growing family. Eight years of living had added a general layer of clutter and there were areas of her home, specifically the fourth bedroom, which had no real purpose. Short on time, and not wanting to spend too much doing up a home she planned to sell, we set about devising a project plan.

After our initial one hour consultation, we agreed to an additional 6 hours of work to enable me to take a closer look at Anna’s home and devise a detailed project plan. In total I identified 80 individual jobs and projects in all the rooms which could be achieved cost effectively, but deliver big returns. We then went through the list to work out which jobs Anna could save money on and do herself, which she would like my help with and which she would like me to find suitable tradesmen to complete. Jobs ranged from quick wins like buying a valance sheet for a box bed in the spare room in order to create some under-bed storage, to replacing some of the damaged kitchen cupboard doors.”

Anna, said. “The task of decluttering and sprucing up our home ready to sell felt totally overwhelming, so I was delighted to discover Serene Spaces. Nancy has infectious energy and is full of practical and clever ideas. She was able to see the potential in our tired, cluttered home straight away. The project plan helped break the tasks down into easy chunks, and allowed us to think about where we could invest and where we could save.

The end result has been transformative, so much so in fact, we may not move!”

Nancy was like my fairy godmother.”

“I want to transform my uninspiring patio area.”

Nancy gave me excellent practical, cost effect advice for transforming my patio from a blank walk through to a welcoming sitting area over a few visits. She had brilliant ideas and helped me to select suitable plants and decor to suit the needs of the space. Highly recommended